Cooking 101

Have you set the microwave on fire trying to get dinner on the table? Maybe you’ve turned pasta into mush trying to make spaghetti. Then Cooking Essentials 101 is the cooking class for you! In this four week course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to use basic kitchen skills to prepare an easy, affordable meal. Each week will focus on a different skill while progressively building on techniques from the week before. By the end of Cooking Essentials 101, you’ll feel confident and capable in the kitchen!  
The course schedule is as follows:
  • Wednesday, February 14th @ 3pm in Power (Island Hall 137) – Knife Skills
  • Wednesday, February 21st @ 3pm in Power (Island Hall 137)  – Boiling & Steaming
  • Wednesday, February 28th @ 3pm in Power (Island Hall 137) – Stir Fry
  • Wednesday, March 7th @ 3pm in Power (Island Hall 137) – Pan Sear and Roasting
Space is limited, so act fast and register for Cooking Essentials 101 at the front desk of the Recreational Sports office for $10
For disability related accommodations or food allergy concerns, please contact Marcie Garza in advance at 361-825-2976.