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Wellness Release Time

All TAMUCC Full-time, benefits eligible faculty and staff are able to request 30 minutes, 3 times per week, to utilize for wellness. Supervisor’s must approve the request, and then send the signed request form to Lindsey Beat. Participants will receive a tracking sheet, to document their usage of the wellness release time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as a “wellness activity”?
Any on-campus, wellness activities such as: walking/running/biking on the hike and bike trail; meditation/breathing exercises, stress relieving activities, stretching, etc. Utilization of the Dugan Wellness Center, with participation in one of the Employee Wellness Programs. (Create link to flyer)

Can I use my wellness release time off-campus?
No, the activity must be on-campus, or at a TAMUCC affiliated facility.

Do I have to record or keep track of my wellness activity?
Yes, you will be sent the tracking sheet by email when you are initially approved for the program. You can also access it here (create link to excel sheet). Each month, email your signed tracking log to Lindsey Beat.

Why do I have to keep track of my activity?
The Campus Wellness Committee supports your dedication to health and wellness, and research studies demonstrate the increased success for participants who track their exercise and wellness activities. The ability to track the usage of the Wellness Release Time program, will help the committee to plan more effectively for wellness programs on the TAMUCC campus.

Can I apply at any time?
Yes! The program follows the academic year, beginning each August, however you may submit a request form at any time.

Do I have to enroll each year?
Yes, you must submit a new request form (Create link to request form) each academic year, in order to enroll or renew.

After submitting my request form, when is it effective?
As soon as you receive an email of approval from the Fitness and Wellness coordinator.

Can I use this time all in the same day? An Hour and a half of exercise?
No, wellness release time must be split up over 3 separate days, 30 minutes each, over one work week.

Does my wellness time rollover?
No, each week you start fresh with your 3 separate days to utilize the 30 minutes.

What if I want to change my days/times of usage, after I already submit my request form?
Notify your supervisor and get their approval prior to changing/altering days and times.

Do I have to purchase a membership at the Dugan Wellness Center?
No, you do not, but are encouraged to if you wish. You can enroll in pay roll deduction and have full access to the facility. Check out the Rec Sports (Create link to send them to memberships) page for membership information or call 361-825-2454.


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