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Workshops, clinics, and trips are open to all currently enrolled students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the campus community unless otherwise noted.  Participants must bring SandDollar ID to all workshops and sign waiver (if applicable). Preregistration may be required for some events.


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This Semester Trips

Natural Bridge Caverns Exploration

The Natural Bridge Caverns are one of the largest cavern systems in Texas.  If you’ve never gotten the chance to visit this place and don’t typically have a lot of time on the weekends, then this is perfect for you.  This trip will take place in the course of a single day where after the 3-4 hour tour we will have you back in time for dinner. 

Intro to kayaking

Have you ever wanted to learn how to kayak or paddleboard, or just wanted to improve your skills?  Come out to the local water hole to kick back and paddle with us for the day.  


Kickapoo Cavern State Park is home to 20 known caves, among them the famous Kickapoo Cavern, a 1400 foot-long cave, and the Stuart Bat Cave from which we will witness vast numbers of Mexican Free-Tailed bats emerge.  If you're looking for a fun, unique trip to get you out of the house, then come out with us April 13th-15th!

Paddling the nueces

The Paddle the Nueces trip is a great way to hone your paddle skills, or for more advanced paddlers to relax and enjoy the beauty of this winding river.  You’ll get to experience 7+ miles of riparian wildlife as you weave in and out of fallen trees and natural features.  This trip always ends with a classic cookout, some fun games, and of course a campfire to burn the midnight oil.  Give some serious thought on whether or not this trip is worth missing!  Come be adventurous with us April 20th- 22nd!

Guadalupe river

Guadalupe River State Park contains 4 miles of gorgeous river that has carved out large limestone cliffs and given rise to towering Bald Cypress trees.  We will take a guided, interpretive tour of Honey Creek State Natural Area, a pristine section of park that is only open during a guided tour once a week.  Between swimming in the river, hiking backcountry trails, and spending some time in truly untouched Hill Country, this trip has it all.  Spend a weekend with the Outdoor Adventures crew April 27th-29th!


Previous Trips

Floating the Frio and Garner State Park Camping 

Trying to beat the heat for a weekend?  Come out with us to see why they call it the Frio River as we take relaxing 3+ hour float. The day will end at Texas’ most popular state park, Garner where we will spend the remainder of the day hiking and swinging into the river from the rope swings. 

Mustang Island State Park Beach Clean-up

Come support our state parks with a group effort to help pick up trash from Mustang’s beach. Due to heavy trade and fishing activities in the Gulf of Mexico, the people who work on our beaches are in a constant, uphill battle with garbage that finds its way to our shores.  Do your part and help us make Mustang Island State Park a clean vacation destination.

McGloin Ranch Kayak/Paddleboarding

If you’ve never gotten to navigate the snaking Nueces River, then here is your chance! For this day trip you have a choice of using a Kayak or Paddleboard to make your way down the 6+ mile stretch of river that is teaming with all sorts of wildlife. McGloin Ranch is beautiful established camping area that guarantees you Whitetail, Turkey, and sometimes even hog sightings.

Colorado Bend State Park Camping

Colorado Bend State Park offers some of the best the Hill Country has to offer. Good news for some of you who use white noise apps to help you sleep; we will be camping right on the Colorado River! We will be hiking to Gorman Falls, a spring-fed waterfall, to listen to its relaxing sounds and witness its unique travertine formations. And that’s not all, we will also be hiking to a set of spring-fed pools as well to spend the day laying out and kicking back!

Goose Island State Park Invasive Species Removal

Goose Island is a beautiful park that has some interesting history and a great location on the St. Charles Bay. They are in need of a group of students willing to put in a few good hours of work to help remove certain invasive species from the park. Food and drinks will be provided by our program as a thank you for helping us make TAMUCC known as an environmentally conscious university.

Disc Golf at Live Oak Park 

Disc golf is a simple, low-impact sport that is as competitive as you want to make it. We will play a round or two at Ingleside’s lovely Live Oak Park. Once everyone has satisfied their disc-lust, we plan on having a small grilling party for any participants that want to stick around.  

Sunrise/Sunset Yoga at Enchanted Rock

This trip combines 3 of what we consider to be the best outdoor experiences: Sunsets and sunrises, night hiking, and unique geological formations. And who doesn’t want to have a yoga session on top of a massive lava dome? 

National Seashore Beach Clean-up

The National Park Service safeguards over 70 miles of coastline.  They lack the staff necessary to keep all of this beautiful stretch of beach clean.  That is where our students and staff here at TAMUCC can really help out and make sure the Third Coast stays one of the top vacation destinations in the U.S. 


Day Hikes (Outdoor Happy Hour)


If you've never been to this 162-acre beauty, then it's about time you get out and see what Corpus Christi has to offer!  This preserve has 2 miles of hiking trails and far more nature than you can notice and appreciate in a single visit.  Come out and walk these trails with us on Cinco de Mayo!  If you would like to bring your four-legged friend and spice up their exercise routine, there are trails available to them as well!  

Moonrise Hike

Have you ever seen the Full Moon rise up over the ocean in the East while watching the Sun set over the rolling dunes to the West? This hike takes us to the longest barrier island in the world, Padre Island, for an evening of calming beauty.  Come spend some time with us at this Texan gem and hope for clear skies so we can observe these celestial beauties. 

Picnic in the gardens

Never had the chance to get out to the botanical gardens, or just haven't been in a while? Well here's your chance to get back in and explore the STXBG in their prime on April 14th!  Refresh yourself in the afternoon Sun as you stroll through the gardens and end with a picnic surrounded by spring blossoms.

For information and registeration for this trip please email Cole Castleberry at cole.castleberry@tamucc.edu