Membership & Eligibility

All students enrolled in the current semester are eligible to use the facilities and participate in Recreational Sports programs. Students who are ONLY enrolled for online classes, do not pay the Recreational Sports Fee. In order to use the facilities, students have the option to pay for membership or pay for a guest pass. Faculty and staff must purchase a Recreational Sports Membership.  The cost is $175 semester/$525 annually or $43.75 on payroll deduction, which is indexed from the student rate. Annual memberships may only be purchased during the Fall semester. Memberships may be obtained in the Recreational Sports Office located at the Dugan Wellness Center.

Effective Dates


August 20th-December 16th (Fall)
December 17th-May 12th (Spring)

SSI: May 13 - July 1st
SSII: July 12-August 4

Payroll Deduction 
Faculty and Staff may fill out a payroll deduction form at any time during the semester to pay for a membership. This form will automatically deduct the $43.75 membership fee from their monthly paycheck. They may also use this form to purchase a membership for their spouse or senior dependent.

Waiver of Liability A Waiver of Liability must be completed for all participants other than currently enrolled students or current faculty/staff of the university.This form must be completed prior to any participation or use of the facilities.

SandDollar ID Anyone purchasing a membership must also get a SandDollar ID card. They will need to take the yellow receipt to the SandDollar office at the University Center.

Fee Schedule

Students As part of University tuition and fees, students pay $18 per credit hour/maximum or $175 per semester. Students who are ONLY enrolled for online classes, do not pay the Recreational Sports Fee.  In order to use the facilities, students have the option to pay for membership or pay for a guest pass. Students not enrolled in summer school but pre-registered for the Fall semester may purchase a membership for $70.00 per summer session. Other membership rates are indexed from the student fee.










$175 or
$87.50 only during summer sessions.

Annual (Expires End of Summer)

$525 (Must purchase in Fall Semester)








$175 or
$87.50 only during summer sessions.


$525 (Must purchase in Fall Semester)


Memberships may be purchased in person through our office assistant.

Faculty, Staff, & Retirees may purchase a membership or $5 per visit or $20 for a 5 day pass.

Adjuncts are eligible only during the semester in which they are under contract with the university (not eligible for an annual pass). Adjuncts must obtain a SandDollar ID at the University Center.

University Affiliate are eligible for the duration of employment/contract only. Eligible parties are Wells Fargo, Camden Miramar, Momentum Village, SSC, TAMUS, NRC occupants and Harte Research Center. They must obtain a SandDollar ID at the University Center

Spouse/Domestic Partner must show proof of co-residence (joint checking account, utility bill with same address, marriage certificate, etc.). The eligible user (student, faculty, or staff) must purchase membership first. 

Sr. Dependents (18-25) University sponsor must purchase a membership to be eligible to purchase a senior dependent pass. This pass will entitle their unmarried, dependent children 18-25yrs, use of the facilities. Sr. dependents must obtain a SandDollar ID at the University Center. 

Children (17 & under) Dependents under the age of 18 may accompany an eligible user at no cost. They must remain with their sponsor at all times. They are not allowed to use any cardiovascular equipment or weight equipment.

Alumni may purchase a membership. The membership is $140 per semester or can pay $5 at the door. They must show proof of graduation, or can be looked up on the Banner system in the office.

Punch card 5 visits/$20. $5 per visit. $2.00 pool only;Pool Punch Card 5 visits $10

Guest Passes must be purchased at the Recreational Sports Office.

Guest Passes may only be purchased by current eligible users.  Guests must provide a picture ID and sign the Waiver of Liability log at the main desk upon entering the facility. Sponsors must remain with their guest at all times and may be held financially responsible for any damage to equipment or facilities caused by their guest. Sponsors are allowed three guests per visit. Guest are subject to all rules, regulations, and disciplinary action set forth by the Recreational Sports Department.

Punch Cards must be purchased at the Recreational Sports Office.

Conference attendees sponsored by a University department, are eligible to purchase a $5-day pass to the facilities. Arrangements must be made in advance with the Recreational Sports Office by the department sponsoring the event.

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