Active Sports Clubs

These are the currently recognized Sport Clubs.

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Bassmasters at TAMU-CC

Description: The BassMasters club at TAMUCC where anglers fish in local, regional and national tournaments. The club helps promote collegiate bass fishing as well as helping to preserve the natural resource that is fished for.

For More Information: Zachary Groppe at 


Fencing at TAMU-CC

Description: The Fencing Club at TAMUCC introduces the unique sport of Olympic Fencing and the sport of knights and kings with three different blades: Foil, Saber and Epee. No prior experience is needed.

For More Information: Victor Nguyen at



Description: This club is a Competitive Martial Arts club which enables you to learn and practice developed skills that consist of Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Taekwondo(American). We also promote fitness and wellness

For More Information: Breanna Vann at 


Rugby at TAMU-CC

Description: This highly competitive club participates in matches and tournaments throughout the United States. No experience is necessary and all levels of interest are welcome.

For More Information: Christian Rosado at


Sailing Club at TAMU-CC

Description: The Islander Sailing club focuses on introducing interested students to the basics of sailing and competitive sailing for ICSA. We primarily sail on the 420s during practice at the Corpus Christi Yacht Club and travel on weekends across Texas for regattas. We also compete in Wednesday night races on Corpus Christi Bay at 6pm. No experience necessary!

For More Information: Rachel Pearson at


Scuba Club at TAMU-CC

Description: The Scuba club at TAMUCC is a recreation and leisure club that promotes awareness about scuba diving, safety standards and the excitement and rewards found in diving. This club is open to everyone, no experience is needed.

For More Information: Christina Henderson at


Sports Officials Association at TAMU-CC

Description: The Sports Officials Association (SOA) provides students with the opportunity to learn about the basics of officiating through a variety of recreational and competitive sports and creates a unique way to engage in community service.

For More Information: Madison Robbins at 


Swim Club at TAMU-CC

Description: Whether you've been swimming competitively for years or haven't ever swam before, Islander Swim Club is a great way to meet new people who enjoy or just want to get better at swimming! Our practices range from swim workouts to fun activities like relay races and other games. Our main goals as a club are to stay healthy, meet new people, and most importantly have fun!

For more information: James Crisp at


Lacrosse at TAMU-CC

For more information: Robert Brackett at 


Basketball Club at TAMU-CC

For more information: Nicholas White at


Tennis Club at TAMU-CC

For more information: Lenson Smith at


 The Badminton Club at TAMU-CC

For more information: Lindsey Hayden at


 Trap and Skeet Club at TAMU-CC

For more information: Blake Dixon at


Women’s Soccer Club at TAMU-CC

For more information:Kiahna Lewis at


Men's Soccer at TAMU-CC

Men's Soccer Club is no longer active, however if you are interested in starting the club back up, contact Andrew Kuchem at