Facilities Hours

What's Happening

Hi, Islanders! Please take a look at our new business hours, as well as our new protocols. We are looking forward to seeing everyone return to the Dugan Wellness Center, but we want to ensure that everyone is taking the safety and health of themselves and others as their first priority. Check out our new game plan with the information below.

  • Business Hours for the Dugan Wellness Center starting August 10th:
    • 6AM- 9PM, Monday - Friday
    • 12PM- 6PM
  • Reopening Updates, Expectations, and Protocols
  • Rent by Reservation for the following Outdoor equipment:
    • Kayaks
    • Stand Up Paddleboards
    • Paddles
    • Trekking Poles
    • Cooking Stoves
    • Disc Golf Discs
      • Rentals are available to rent starting June 1. Please call the Welcome Desk at 361-825-2170 to reserve during business hours. 

Follow us on social media to know all the latest updates and partake in virtual programming. Thank you for your cooperation!