Guest Policy

Each enrolled student and individuals who have purchased a membership are allowed to sponsor up to 3 guests per visit.  In additional faculty and staff who do not have a membership, may purchase a guest pass for their personal use. Day guest passes may be purchased in the Recreational Sports office during business hours.  The Welcome Desk will sell passes outside of business hours.  All guests must check in with the welcome desk or the pool prior to participation.

The following information will apply for all Guest Passes:

  1.  Cost of guest pass for student members is $5 per day or 5 days for $20 for all facilities. Student must sponsor guest and stay with the guest for the entire visit.
  2. Faculty/Staff may purchase a guest pass for themselves with no sponsor needed at a rate of $5 per day or 5 days for $20. 
  3. Alumni may purchase a guest pass for themselves with no sponsor needed at a rate of $5 per day or 5 days for $20. 
  4. Cost of a pool only guest pass is $2 per day.
  5. Sponsor must present their current SandDollar ID to purchase a guest pass or punch card psas for their guest.  Membership pass holders other than faculty, staff and students are not eligible to sponsor guests.
  6. Guests must sign waiver of liability log upon entry to facility.
  7. Sponsor agrees to participate in the same activity area as the guest.  The host is responsible for their guest's actions, and will be held financially responsible for any damage the guest causes.
  8. Guest agrees to adhere to all building policies, regulations and verbal instructions given by Recreational Sports staff.
  9. Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  10. Guests of minor age (17 and under) must abide by applicable facility restrictions.
  11. Guests may not check out equipment.  Sponsor must check out equipment when participating in any activity.
  12. Those individuals soliciting sponsorship will be refused entry.
  13. Recreational Sports is not responsible for lost or stolen property or injuries sustained while participating.