Hammock Village


Hammock Village is now open!


  1. Hammocks can be checked-out from the Welcome Desk inside the Dugan Wellness Center (DWC). Hammocks must be returned each day before the DWC closes. Patrons may be held liable for damaged, lost, or stolen equipment.
  2. All hammocks must be attached between the center post and an outer post (limit of 6 hammocks at any time). In order to comply with social distancing requirements, hammocks cannot be attached between the outer posts.
  3. Only one person is allowed in an Outdoor Adventures hammock at any time.
  4. Hammocks should not be stacked above one another.
  5. If using a personal hammock, only hammocks that use webbing to anchor are to be used when attaching to the wood posts. Hammocks that use cordage may attach to the metal rings but not to the wood posts. Hammocks that use carabiners may be attached to the ropes affixed to the metal rings.

For more information or any disability accommodations, please contact contact the Outdoor Program Coordinator, Cole Castleberry, at cole.castleberry@tamucc.edu or (361) 825-2364.