Welcome to Intramural Sports! Every academic year more than 3,000 students take advantage of this fun program. Recreational Sports offers many options whether you like Team Sports or Individual/Dual Tournaments. This is a great opportunity to get some friends together for an active, fun option. Not Registered on IMLeagues? Then check out the IMLeagues sign-up page for more information on how to sign-up and join/form a team!

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IM Schedule

Registration: January 16 - 30
Regular Season: February 4 - 21
Playoffs: February 25 - 28

Registration: February 13 - 27
Regular Season: March 4 - 22
Playoffs: April 1 - 4

Here is the Printable Version of the flyer.

Officiating Information

Be on the look out for the next officials interest meeting. 

Tournament Play

Doubles Ping Pong
Sign-up: March 6th-March 28th
Starts: April 1st-April 4th
Location: Dugan

Singles and Doubles Tennis Tournament
Sign-up: February 27th-March 21st
Starts: March 26th-April 3
Location: Thomas J. Henry Tennis Center

Sand Volleyball
Sign-up: February 20th- March 7th
Starts: March 18th- 21st
Location: Miramar

March Madness
Sign-up: March 17th
Starts: March 17th- 21st
Location: Miramar

Texas Hold'em
Sign-up: March 27th- April 11th
Starts: April 15th- 18th
Location: Dugan Wellness Center

Golf Scramble
Sign-up: April 8th- April 25th
Starts: April 29th
Location: Lozano Golf Course

Strongest Islander
Sign-up: March 18th- April 24th
Starts: April 10th, 17th & 24th
Location: Dugan Wellness Center

Sign-up: March 25th - April 12th @ Noon
April 12th - April 14th 

Here is the Printable Version of the flyer.

Breakers Gameroom Tournaments

(Tournaments will take place in the Breakers Gameroom UC 122)

Information Coming Soon!

Lunchbox Sports

Ping Pong
Starts: January 28th - February 28th
Days: Mondays & Thursdays
Times: 12pm-2pm
Location: Dugan Wellness Center

Starts: March 18th - April 18th
Days: Mondays & Thursdays
Times: 12pm-2pm
Location: Dugan Wellness Center

Indoor Soccer Tournament
Registration: April 4-April 18 @ Noon
Start/End: April 22 (midnight)-April 25

For more information or disability accomodation please email Andrew Kuchem at