Islander Challenge

Outdoor Adventure

What Is It?

The Islander Challenge is an educational adventure that leads participants to explore their roles as members of a team.  This program facilitates team-building activities that are meant to challenge the participants, as well as strengthen their planning skills, take risks and learn to better support teammates.  The goal of the Islander Challenge is to use experiential education as a tool to help foster trust, team building and communication to groups. With the used of portable props, the facilitator will tailor each challenge to the established goals of each group. 

Challenge Outcome

What will the participants get out of the Challenge? Group participants will have an enriching workshop experience.

Outcomes include:

  • Enhanced individual and group awareness
  • Improved communication skills
  • Increased appreciation for diversity among peers
  • Importance of evaluation and reflection
  • Enhanced skills in team planning and goal setting
  • Strengthened commitment to team goals

Program Options

  • Group Initiatives/Teambuilding: The group initiatives program will help the group explore group dynamics by cultivating communication, leadership, problem-solving, trust and strategic planning through a number of group challenges. There is a 2 hour minimum per event.
    • Small Group: 6-15 people
    • Medium: 15-30 people
    • Large Group: 30+ people

Who Leads the Challenge?

Certified and trained staff from the Recreational Sports Department, who are committed to providing a safe and fulfilling program, will guide and facilitate the Islander Challenge. 

Where Does the Workshop Take Place?

At this point the Islander Challenge is portable.  There are many on and off campus sites that are appropriate locations for the challenge.  Campus sites could include Dugan Wellness Center, outdoor spaces on campus, or the Hike and Bike Trail.