Workshops, Clinics, & Trips

Workshops, clinics, and trips are open to all currently enrolled students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the campus community unless otherwise noted. Participants must bring SandDollar ID to all workshops and sign a waiver (if applicable). Preregistration may be required for some events. 

For information regarding trip registration and cancellation policies, refer to the following link:

Day Trips Fall 2020

To register:

  1. Go to
  2. When you’re there, click “log in” on the top right-hand corner. Click the Islander ID button. Sign in using your TAMU-CC username and password.
  3. Once logged in, click on the Outdoor Adventures icon.
  4. Click which day trip you’d like to register for, add to cart and check out.

Surfing Workshop
Have you ever wanted to learn to surf? Now is your chance. Boards and experienced instructors will be provided.
Pre-trip: September 21st, 2020
Trip date: September 26th, 2020
Cost: $20

Paddling Fish Pass
Have you ever wanted to learn how to kayak or paddleboard, or just wanted to improve your skills? Come out to the bay to kick back and paddle with us for the day.
Pre-trip: October 5th, 2020
Trip date: October 10th, 2020
Cost: $20

Disc Golf at West Guth Park
Disc golf is a simple, low-impact sport that is as competitive as you want to make it. We will play a round or two at Ingleside’s lovely Live Oak Park. Once everyone has satisfied their disc-lust, we plan on having a small grilling party for any participants that want to stick around.
Pre-trip: N/A
Trip date: October 21st, 2020
Cost: $0

Paddling the Nueces
The Paddle the Nueces trip is a great way to hone your paddle skills, or for more advanced paddlers to relax and enjoy the beauty of this winding river. You’ll get to experience 10 miles of riparian wildlife as you weave in and out of fallen trees and natural features. Come be adventurous with us!
Pre-trip: November 2nd, 2020
Trip date: November 7th, 2020
Cost: $20

Biking at Oso Creek
We’re throwing a B.Y.O.B. (Bring your own bike) meetup at the Oso Creek Trial to spend a Saturday hitting some twists and turns. Come tear it up with us!
Pre-trip: N/A
Trip date: November 14th, 2020
Cost: $0


For more information or any disability accommodations, please contact contact the Outdoor Program Coordinator, Cole Castleberry, at or (361) 825-2364.